“My life has literally changed in a period of four months. This has been an incredible process. I can’t thank you enough. Coaching with Miriam Reiss is one of the very best investments you can make.”

“You’re just plain brilliant at moving my life forward at the speed of true synergy.”

“I am happy to let you know that my job has never been better. In fact, I will soon receive the title of Executive Director with additional salary compensation. I continue to utilize the tools you provided. Thank you for everything, it has made a true difference.”

“I don’t know if you remember me, my last name was X when I worked with you a couple of years ago. I just wanted to let you know, I’m still using principles I learned from you and things are still going great. I think I told you already I’ve gotten married. But now, I’ve had my first article published in a major magazine, FITNESS, and my second one will be out in the September issue of SHAPE. Things are just going great, and I wanted to thank you again.”

“Thank you for everything you helped me learn and do around marketing, and all that you helped me find within myself. I have just accepted a new position at X as the inventory control specialist for their international department. It only took me four months to find a great job! I used your cover letter and resume suggestions, and then prepared for the interview with your recommendations. The people I interviewed with were very impressed with all the questions I asked during the interview. I’m so excited, I begin work Monday!”

“You’ve been an absolute treasure to work with, I’m so glad that you’ve come into my life! X called today and told me H.R. would be calling this week with an offer!”

“I want to share my deep appreciation for your challenging me to consider a career path I wasn’t sure I wanted to go down. You certainly hit the target when giving me that advice…I’m very grateful I listened, despite my initial hesitation. Thank you also for connecting me with X, I will keep you posted as the publication date for the article on my business draws near!”

“Our work together resulted in my creating amazing strategic opportunites for myself. You have been a tremendous help in my development. You are providing an indispensable service to humankind. Thank you.”

“Yesterday I got a call from X just to thank me for hooking her up with you. When I told her about you, I said that your clients often say that working with you is life changing. X confirmed that once again. You are amazing! ”

“My unfulfilling work situation had been having a domino effect on everything else. My self-confidence was tanking, my family and other relationships suffered, my health was affected, and I started eating everything in sight. Your wise coaching took me out of my downslide and into a career that I love. I only wish I’d done this sooner.”

“Your coaching planted a seed for change, a seed I nourished and continue to cultivate. When people recognize the change I have undergone I tell them about my life coach and the seed she planted. I see the world now as it should be seen, a vast garden in which I can plant the seeds of opportunity, adventure, community and inspiration.”

“I was in an all-day conference yesterday with about twenty peers and three director-level supervisors. More than once, I raised my hand to give my point of view. I spoke clearly and confidently, without embarrassment! And I was funny, had the room laughing. And I did not get all red and nervous or apprehensive! I WAS SO PROUD OF MYSELF. You have no idea. Big hugs and much appreciation.”

“I referred a client to you awhile back. He speaks really highly of you and your work together. It has really changed his life. His business is now very successful.”

“You are amazingly clear, generous, direct, wise, alert, practical and funny. You are a superb coach.”

“I’ve had great success with the ideas and strategies you have shared with me this year, and I’m looking forward to more successes this coming year! Just to let you know how the teleseminars are going, I have a client (I can call him a client now!) that I met two years ago who’s been on the calls. He’s given me lots of compliments on the calls and my professionalism, and he’s finally ready to buy. The marketing you suggested has worked out well, and I have you to thank for that.”

“I’ve done more growth work as a human being with you than I’ve ever done with anyone.”

“You have been an amazing blessing in my life, I have grown in leaps and bounds. You have been the person to challenge my perspective and encourage me to live a better life. My daughters told their friends how amazing you are, and what a fantastic impact you’re having on our family as a whole.”

“You, your resources and your ideas have really helped me look at things through new eyes. Thanks to all that, I’m forming better relationships with the people who really count – my family, my husband and me! I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything. I cannot tell you how much it has all helped me start to forge a new path for myself.”

“My overriding emotion is happiness with my life, deeply enjoying who I am, and what I bring into the world to make it a more beautiful place. This is something new for me. I don’t remember being in this place, ever.”

“Thank you for all your suggestions, prodding and holding up a mirror so I could see more of what I was doing in my life, what worked and what didn’t. One of the things that keeps helping me as I’m writing my book are my emails to you (often cryptic, but a telling trail of breadcrumbs), and your emails to me (the ones I thought to save). Thanks for it all.”

“I can’t thank you enough. My life has completely turned around. Work is good, things with my boss are good, and I’m dating!”

“I feel like I have a lifeline with you.”