Do Career Assessments Help?

Clients yearn for a fast, direct path to their next career. They hope that career assessments will be their one-step, one-stop solution. Having worked with a large range of assessments over the years, I sure wish assessments accomplished more. The best assessments I’ve seen are useful in identifying work strengths and weaknesses. Depending on an assessment for reliable career recommendations is another story. For example, let’s say an assessment says you’d make a great airline pilot. Chances are, that doesn’t factor in the current state of the airline industry, airline politics, union aspects, packed planes, the pressure of increased flying schedules and more. I’ve found that what works best during career transition is a combination of selected assessments and individual coaching around possible careers. I’ve seen too many clients who followed assessment recommendations and wound up with a career that made them miserable. Don’t let this happen to you. Assessments just aren’t a substitute for hands-on career coaching.

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