Build your business and your skills with these valuable, information-packed tools!

Clearing The Path To Higher Self-Esteem™
Bust old myths about “raising” self-esteem. This new, breakthrough book helps you create the lasting self-esteem you’ve been looking for!     $19.95


Power MarketingPower Marketing:
Tools From a Master Marketer™
Help your business thrive with marketing from the inside out. Learn the rules, it’s a brand new game!
Two treasure-filled CDs packed with unique marketing from the inside out tools. Save costly lessons in your business. Includes marketing case studies.


IntrovertsCoverMarketing For Introverts: Custom Tools for Your Unique Style Groundbreaking CD™ includes the myth of introverts as a minority, finding the best marketing vehicles for your business and how to become irresistibly attractive to your customers. Includes case studies.      $24.95


BrandingCoverBranding & Marketing Mastery:
Ideas and Tools from Business Coaches™
Nine successful business coaches show you how to create more visibility and ramp up your business success.      $14.95