The Benefits Trap

As human beings, we love feelings of security. I think this harkens back to the womb. Job benefits like health insurance make us feel secure. I’m all for health insurance. The problem is we often stay in jobs we don’t like because of the benefits. And, the longer we stay, the harder it sometimes gets to leave. I’m not the kind of career coach who says “You have to leave your job.” I am the kind of coach who says, “How’s your health doing?” and “What’s it costing you to stay where you are?” I’m also the kind of coach who reminds you of your dream and how the rest of your life changes when you’re doing something you love. That’s the job ripple effect. Often, we compartmentalize, and we say, “Everything’s good, except my job.” Problem is, your job takes the best, and the most, hours of your day, plus most of your week. Ignoring how you feel about your job is like pretending everything’s okay when your house is on fire, and you’re in it. You might think I’m being overly dramatic, but if your job is affecting your health, your morale or your relationships, can you smell the smoke?

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