Love The Work, Hate The Pay?

Sometimes we enjoy our work but it’s not paying the bills. This leads to frustration and the desire to quit doing that work. Quitting your job is a reactive response that provides short-termrelief but doesn’t solve the deeper problem. More likely, the solution lies in doing our work differently. That might mean using technology more effectively, shifting from a time-for-money mindset or creating a different level of outreach and support. When you’re close to the situation, it’s hard to see what really needs to change. If you have a job, there are always ways of making more money at it. That may take getting creative or using your resources differently. If you’re self-employed, it’s vital that you see your work, first and foremost, as a business. In general, the higher your emotions are around your work, the more you might benefit from hiring a career coach. The neutrality that a coach brings can make a world of difference.

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