Sweating And Smartphones

I used to have great conversations in the locker room at my health club. That stopped happening when everyone started carrying their smartphones. I realized I missed those conversations and decided to do something about it. A few months ago, I intentionally left my phone in my locker, put my business cards in a little plastic bag just in case, and went into the sauna armed with nothing more than a towel and my cards. Continue reading

Do Career Assessments Help?

Clients yearn for a fast, direct path to their next career. They hope that career assessments will be their one-step, one-stop solution. Having worked with a large range of assessments over the years, I sure wish assessments accomplished more. The best assessments I’ve seen are useful in identifying work strengths and weaknesses. Continue reading

Skipping School

You might think that, as a former admissions director for three prestigious East Coast graduate schools, I would steer people back to school. Not so. My experience has taught me that school is expensive, takes time and energy, and just doesn’t pay off. There are smarter strategies for job and career success. Continue reading