The Joys of Volunteering

When Elena got laid off from his job as a computer programmer, she thought a dog could provide companionship and help she get through she job transition. Unfortunately, Elena’s landlord didn’t like that idea. So, Elena began volunteering at the local animal shelter, and discovered she liked working with animals better than working with people. Now Elena does animal research for a living, and she’s completely passionate about her work. Volunteering can have unexpected perks. You might meet the person who links you to your next job, discover the work you were meant to do in the world or even meet your soulmate. Another client of mine, a banker, said to me in frustration, “I don’t know what this career passion thing is, everybody’s talking about doing their passion.” One day, he visited a local aquarium and thought to himself, “Boy, it would be fun to swim in the tank with those sharks.” When he told me that, I encouraged him to see if he could volunteer at the aquarium. One thing led to another, and now he’s having a blast, working full time at a luxury tropical resort taking tourists diving. Now I’m not suggesting that you swim with the sharks but then you never know where your interests could lead.

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