Skipping School

You might think that, as a former admissions director for three prestigious East Coast graduate schools, I would steer people back to school. Not so. My experience has taught me that school is expensive, takes time and energy, and just doesn’t pay off. There are smarter strategies for job and career success. Feeling inadequate about your education is generally a self-esteem issue, not an education issue. You would be surprised how many successful people in professional jobs have had little, if any, training for those jobs in school. If you’re telling yourself you have to go back to school, you’re probably lying to yourself. Arlene, a dental technician, has been having a strong pull to work in the environmental field. Until she began working with me, she kept telling herself things like, “I’m too old. I’m not smart enough. I couldn’t afford to support myself or my family doing that kind of work.” Arlene stayed at job because, as she put it, “My current job pays the bills.” With coaching support, Arlene began taking small, steady steps towards her dream field. Now she’s doing work she loves. I feel great because 86% of people are unhappy with their job, and now Arlene’s no longer part of this statistic.

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