Heal Now, Hunt Tomorrow

Most folks’ knee jerk reaction to a job layoff is to grab the classifieds. I understand, I’ve been there. Take a deep breath. You may think you’ve been handed something awful. In fact, you’ve just been handed a rite of passage. Don’t rush this. Sit with it, and treat yourself to the stages of grieving your job loss. If you don’t take time to heal before you get started, it won’t be easy to do later on. And, it might bite you later. How? You might show a flash of anger when a job interviewer triggers you at an important job interview. Or you might badmouth your former employer to an all-important contact. Trust me, it’s not worth it. Beat pillows, cry, call me, do whatever it takes to embrace and deal with your feelings now so they don’t come out of you in weird ways later.

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