Surviving a Layoff

Ok, so you’ve lost your job. How are you handling it? Maybe your company was challenged, even before your world came apart. Or maybe, just maybe, you never really liked your job anyway and never felt well used or appreciated at work. So you were marking time, hoping something better would come along. And now it has, just not the way you expected it. You could see this as time off for reading, a new hobby or taking that longed-for vacation. Or maybe you could see this as graduation from your old work.

Research shows that people who are laid off typically move on to better-fitting, better-paying work. Just yesterday, I spoke with a client who felt traumatized when she got laid off. Now she’s working for a new company and working from home, instead of commuting hours to her job. Plus, she’s making a lot more money. She was so happy with her new job that she kept talking about it, probably long after I hung up. You could be her, all in love with work. First things first: Start seeing the world for what it really is, a planet brimming with opportunity for you.

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