Managing Your Emotions

To weather your job or career transition, you must stay consistently, habitually, annoyingly (to many people) positive. If you don’t firmly hold yourself in glowing self-esteem and take ongoing positive action, you will unwittingly sabotage your best efforts. I’m not talking Pollyanna here, I’m talking about your being convinced that you’re the best thing going, and you will get the best job. I know this sounds easier than it is, and learning to stay positive will absolutely rock your world. Nothing will make a bigger difference in your job or career transition. While it’s not on most job descriptions, companies look for people brimming with genuine confidence. After all, if you’re not sure of yourself, how can they think any better of you? There are many self-help books out there with tips for staying positive. I sure wish these worked but they don’t. If you want real, lasting confidence, you need do your inner work. I can hear you sighing but the truth is, nothing replaces it. So where do you go for this? Outplacement consultants and recruiters aren’t trained nor is it their job to do this for you. Therapists are great for helping heal childhood-related issues and healing from traumatic events like divorce. Your coach is the one to help you with this. The tools for self confidence and self esteem are part of my personal foundation coaching package, and are an essential ingredient for interviewing role play we do, designed for helping you get the job.

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